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Politicians' Speeches: Promises and lies

13 Jul. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in politics, government, citizens
politics, government, citizens

It seems that politicians, the people we claim represent us, are far to eager to give speeches, gallantly proclaiming their beliefs and making promises. Although these politicians and their speeches at first sound like music to your ears, it soon turns into annoying relentless chatter. Politicians’ beliefs and promises quickly turn into lies and broken promises.

Frankly, we have put these people up on pedestals where they do not belong. They are no better than you are I, and in many cases they are far worse people. They are egotistical, easily bribed; make decisions for their own gain and worst of all, they lie. They have shown us their priorities, which are making money and getting re-elected.

Now, is there an occasionally good politician or good apple in the bunch? Maybe. But I ask this question, how long can an apple stay good in a bag of rotten ones? Not for long. They either leave or turn bad. So why do I make such strong comments about our politicians? Because it is the truth and one that affects our daily lives. Politicians and their actions affect our health, wealth and quality of life. They also influence us as citizens, consumers and environmentalists.

So what do we do? Who do we trust? I say, we vote and trust each other. If we want change we have to create it. We cannot expect some politician who lives across the country to make change for us. It does not work that way, and it has not been working for quite some time. Besides, the change that happens in politics happens far too slow and we need it now.

Some may say it sounds like I have lost hope in our government. I have not lost hope, but I decided that I needed to rethink how I approach the issues that I really care about. I decided I did not want to hand over my top priorities to strangers and people who seem to have some conflicting interests. This is common sense to me. I guess it comes down to the saying, “if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself.”

You and I are not slaves to our politicians and government. Remember they represent us- or the majority that is. We need to show some leadership and make some hard decisions, hoping our government will follow suit. Communicating regularly with our government about our concerns, priorities and goals will only help pave the way.

There are major conflicts between the needs of the majority of Americans and those of politicians. There is a great divide between Americans and Americans, politicians and politicians, and politicians and Americans. In order to improve our quality of life, progress the environmental movement and raise standards for products and companies we need to work together not against each other. To work together we need to listen to each other’s views or opinions, we need to compromise and we need to accept change. More importantly we need to set our priorities so that we know when to compromise and when to make those changes.

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