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Paranoia- The truth is scary

15 Jun. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

As I just finished up some research on textile/clothing dyes, and chemicals found in cosmetics, I wonder how I do not become paranoid. I mean as I start to learn about all these synthetic chemicals we all are exposed to on a daily basis, how do I stop myself from wanting to throw everything I have out and start over? From my non-stick cooking pans to my favorite yellow and gray shirt, there are chemicals wearing off and rubbing off on me constantly. This is probably how our ancestors felt when they first discovered germs.

"...I wonder how I do not become paranoid."
:) They went from everything is safe and sickness was due to the Gods to the realities that spoiled food leads to sickness and a shower once a year is insufficient in keeping away "germs". But they adapted and changed their lifestyles, improving their health and quality of life. So I only hope we can do the same.


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