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The Balance of Life

7 Aug. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
baby, life, environment, fragile beginnings

I recently watched this Nova show called "The Miracle of Life." The show really makes you recognize how delicate of a process it is to start a life [conception]. All the obstacles those little sperm have to go through to get to that egg. It is amazing we are able to reproduce at all! Then the complexity of how a handful of cells develop into a baby is just unbelievable.

Unfortunately, I think we are making it even more challenging for ourselves because our bodies are bombarded by chemicals on a daily basis.

"It is like using a band-aid to fix a broken bone - it just does not work."
Did you know that any give couple only has a 20-30 percent chance of getting pregnant each month? If we continue to mess up our bodies and hormones with chemicals, we may discover this already low number could get even lower. Then instead of fixing the imbalances within our bodies and environment, we just develop more synthetic drugs/chemicals that screw it up even more. Again, as usual we come up with short-term fixes and not long-term solutions. It is like using a band-aid to fix a broken bone - it just does not work.

I am finding that chinese medicine like acupuncture and herbs are much more gentle than what western medicine has to offer for certain ailments. You cannot just force things back into balance you have to coax it back into balance. Our environmental problems or imbalances need to be thought of similarly. Again, we cannot just force things to go back to "balance." If we do, we will end up back to square one or even worse.

Our health and well-being is connected to the health and well-being of our environment, and the concepts that are needed to fix one will likely be used to fix the other. So watch "The Miracle of Life" video and recognize that it does not take much interference to create imbalance, which can destroy the fragile beginnings of life.

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