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New Green Products...Create Not So Green Habits

23 Sep. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
eco-friendly, green industry, organic

We all see the thousands of new green products that are put out each year. And companies claim it is all in the name of saving the planet and creating a better environment, but this is just not true. Many of these products are not necessities, which goes back to the unsustainable lifestyle of "overconsumption." We cannot continue to keep buying stuff, green or not, because it looks cool and is the new fad. However, companies trying to increase their profits each year do not want people to exercise self-control because it would limit consumer purchases and cut into their bottom lines.

"We cannot continue to keep buying stuff, green or not, because it looks cool..."

Most new green gadgets are not necessities and if you have been living without it for years, you probably can continue to live without it. If you have products like light bulbs that are not as green or energy efficient, do not throw out perfectly fine light bulbs and other products just to purchase something greener. Instead, wait until the products absolutely need to be replaced. And don't forget buying used products are almost always more green. If we all start exercising some self-control with our purchases, we will not only limit waste but we will help shape and mold the green industry.

We should want the green industry to be different and not to simply mimic the conventional way of producing products. I recognize it is a challenge because the green industry is trying to compete with the conventional one. However, if the green industry tries to follow the same business model as the conventional industry, there will be very little that sets the two apart. Can those running the green industry really raise the bar and develop truly different business practices and products?

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