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Evanston Green Living Festival

24 Sep. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
green festival, sustainable living, eco-friendly companies, green products

My Husband and I attended the Green Living Festival in Evanston, Illinois, and we really enjoyed talking with everyone and listening to the keynote speakers. Here is a summary of our experience,

1. Speaker, Ashley Craig of the Environmental Law & Policy Center, discussed Illinois policy on renewable energy and how to get more involved.
2. Speaker, Brandon Leavitt founder of Solar Service Inc., discussed the improvements and benefits of solar energy along with the work his company has done over the years.

"... I definitely recommend you attend next year."

3. Speaker, Jason La Fleur of the Alliance for Sustainability, discussed the technology of solar and wind and how we can use this technology in our own lives.
4. We talked with a representative of the Evanston Community Television ECTV about independent programming and topics that effect the Evanston community.
5. We talked with a representative of Consolidating Printing Company about their sustainable practices of using plant based ink and recycled paper.
6. We talked with a Northwestern student who is involved with the "Tiny House Project." Their mission is to build a tiny house that is fully functional but completely off the grind.
7. We talked with a representative of Back To The Roots. This company sells the "Easy-To-Grow Mushroom Garden." It is mushrooms you grow in a small box.
8. We also talked with Peggy Malecki and Jim Irwin who developed the magazine "Natural Awakenings," which serves Chicago North and North Shore areas. This magazine offers excellent information on healthy and sustainable living. It covers topics from yoga to organic food. It is also a great source for finding Chicago area events and local professionals and businesses.

Other businesses and organizations at the Green Living Festival include Healthy Green Goods, KEB [Keep Evanston Beautiful], and the EPA [Chicago Office]. There was also food available and activities for kids.

If you live in the Chicago area and did not make it to the Evanston Green Living Festival, I definitely recommend you attend next year. If you do not live in the Chicago area, look on-line for green festivals near you. Attending these types of festivals is a great way to learn more about sustainable living and helpful in getting acquainted professionals in the field, green companies and new eco-friendly products.


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