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Complaints to Protests

3 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
protests, freedom, representation, government, United States, citizen

I am inspired seeing people taking action and protesting not just on Wall Street, but in other cities around the U.S. as well. It reminds me why I am doing what I am doing with this website. I think everyone hits a point where complaining is just not enough. However, what comes after complaining is slightly different for everyone. For me it has been launching this website. In the near future it may be me attending protests, too. Just remember we all have a part in this and you are not alone with how you may feel about the government, jobs, climate change and health care.

"We together are our own answer to our biggest problems."

The majority of Americans are angry and feel unrepresented by our government. We thought we were in for change when President Obama was elected, but we have failed to really see that occur. What we are finally realizing is that change does not occur from the top down but from the bottom up. We must change to create change. This means protesting and using social media to connect and share. This means changing our lifestyles and using our power as a consumer to shape industries, corporations and products.

We started out looking for answers in our government and corporations, but we ended up finding it within ourselves. We together are our own answer to our biggest problems. Together we will change and reshape The United States of America. So do what you can to get involved and remember you are not powerless because you are part of the whole - The American People.

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