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Taxi Driver Says It Best....

26 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

I came across a 2006 documentary by Jamie Johnson called "The One Percent" I found it to be interesting, considering it had many interviews of powerful/rich people [although I think the interview questions could have been better put at times]. The people interviewed included Milton Friedman, Ralph Nadar, Nicole Buffet [grand-daughter of Warren Buffett], and Bill Gates Senior.

However, out of all those people and all of their comments I found a taxi driver by the name of Jimmie Price and his comments to be the most powerful.

"This movement cannot be just about money and taxing the rich."
He said, "My family is one of the richest in the world, but not with money... with love, kindness, tolerance and patience. Qualities that are worth more than money and you can't buy that. They taught me to love people for who they are not for what I want them to be. They taught me how to get along with people. The taught me to treat people the way I want to be treated." He said this with great conviction and showed no signs of envy for Jamie Johnson, whose family owns Johnson & Johnson. Jimmie Price was not envious because he was aware that important morals and values were sacrificed to get that wealth. This man, this taxi driver, seems to have his priorities straight more than any rich person I heard talk in the entire movie. Not to say that Ralph Nader and Bill Gates Senior did not say some powerful things, but it still revolved around money.

And it just goes to show you that perception on life can be greatly corrupted with money and greed. And the people that are in the most denial are often those that have the most money and therefore the most to lose. Because if they allowed themselves to see things from our view, it would taint their way of life.

Let us remember this with the Occupy Movement. This movement cannot be just about money and taxing the rich. Otherwise, we are no better than them. It must be about something more. We cannot allow wealth and profits to become our goals. Money should only be a tool to achieve a greater good. Our current system of capitalism has strayed away from this, we the 99% have the power to bring freedoms, morals, community and quality of life back into the forefront of what is most important to the citizens of this country. If you support the Occupy Movement and agree with this post please "like" and "share"


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