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OccupyRural: We are not whole until rural residents are heard

28 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
#occupyrural, #OWS, #occupytogether, #occupyeverywhere, occupy movement

As I have been following and participating in this occupy movement, I have started to think about my roots. Although I live just outside of downtown Chicago now, I actually grew up in a rural area. I often think about one day being able to live out in a rural area again with a small piece of land, a garden and just open space. But it is not that easy because now that I have experienced both urban/city living and rural living, I recognize the benefits of both. And they compliment each other in a way that is much like a friendship between old friends.

"The 99 percent is not whole until rural and urban residents of this country stand together."

The city demands the products the rural area supplies. The city facilitates the creation and sharing of ideas, which in turn can be used to improve the quality of life everywhere. The rural areas remind us of the importance of tradition, family and simplicity.

I love the energy and excitement of the city, but it would mean little if I did not have the calmness of the countryside. I cannot imagine my life without either the city or the countryside. And I think we need to realize this occupy movement is not any different. The 99 percent is not whole until rural and urban residents of this country stand together. Please support occupy rural at, and on twitter and facebook. We have all been affected by the greed of corporate america, and we all need to stand together in protest it.


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