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Where Does Your Meat Come From?

28 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

I grew-up in a rural area around family farms. I grew-up taking care of horses, chickens, cats and dogs. When I see such cruelty, such as the video below -- it is mind blowing that any one can treat animals this way. Even animals that we plan on eating deserve to live a life free of torture. They do experience pain and misery; and you can tell that when you see the animals mistreated at the beginning of the film and those treated better at the sanctuary at the end of the film. Some of you may think you don't want to watch it because of some of the images you might see.

"Even animals that we plan on eating deserve to live a life free of torture."
But everyone needs to know what we are supporting when we are buying meat, dairy and eggs from these types of places.

I highly recommend either becoming vegan or switching your meat, dairy and egg products to brands that guarantee that the animals are treated humanly, such as cage-free eggs. For those who are not vegan, reduce your meat intake to decrease the demand on these industries. Furthermore, a high-protein and high-caloric diet is associated with an increase risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease [high cholesterol and high blood pressure], and obesity. We need to know that our lifestyles have contributed to this cruelty. Yes, these companies fed us lies to build their industry, but we still have a choice.


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