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Never Forget: The importance of continuing a BP boycott

31 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
BP, oil spill, Gulf of Mexico, off-shore drilling, fragile ecosystems

As many will remember in April 2010 due to the poor decisions made by BP an oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. It took them almost three months to control the gushing oil. This oil spill like those in the past has had devastating effects on the wildlife. It has ruined businesses and the livelihood of the people living in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

And although their are commercials encouraging tourism in these areas and the consumption of the seafood, it is clear that things are far from resolved.

"since the spill in April 2010 my husband and I have successfully avoided BP gas stations."
According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, or NRDC, only eight percent of the 170 million gallons of crude oil that flooded the gulf actually got cleaned up. The rest remains at large, continuing to damage the already fragile ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico.

Yes, BP has invested 41 billion dollars to clean up the oil spill and repair any damages caused. It is apparent this falls short, however. It seems BP is doing a better job at giving the impression the gulf is back to normal. For example, 171 million dollars was spent specifically to promote tourism. Although this an industry greatly impacted by the spill, throwing lots of money into the tourism sector is also a great PR move for BP. It is clear BP is not in the business of environmentalism, and this is no more than just a PR disaster that they want to get off the radar as soon as possible.

So what should we do? It is over a year after the BP oil spill and companies, such as BP, are persistent about continuing off-shore drilling even with the high risk of oil spills. We need to send a message to companies like BP that we do not support their business practices. We need to send the message that we are not wanting off-shore drilling and continued dependency on oil.

What to do:

I am proud to say that since the spill in April 2010 my husband and I have successfully avoided BP gas stations. We are also fortunate enough to say that we, on average, do not spend more that $60 on gas each month. We either walk, bike or take public transit. You can make a difference. We just need to act together and not forget that companies, such as BP, need to be held accountable for their actions. The effects of that oil spill will be evident for years to come, we must not forget the the company that caused it - BP.


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