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With the Good, Comes the Bad: Attacks on the occupy movement

10 Nov. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
#OWS, negative press, occupy movement, occupy everywhere, violent protesters

So In the past two days I have come across an article and a picture that depict the occupy movement very negatively. And although I do not think this movement is perfect, I think it is one of the best chances we have in empowering the people of this country and making real change. The article takes anything negative that has happened within the occupy movement and has used it to actually represent the occupy movement.

"It takes more energy to create change than it does to keep going in the same direction."
You could hypothetically do this with about anything. Here is an example,

* Killed innocent indigenous people

* Supported slavery

* Started wars

* Invaded other countries

* Is run by corrupt leaders

This is the United States. Do we want or think these negative points alone represent us as a nation. No. So why should we take just the bad points to represent this movement. Like any group of people, you are going to have those who make bad decisions. It is inevitable. With any new movement, you are going to have some chaos and situations that neither the protesters or the onlookers like. But overall this movement has been extremely peaceful, considering there are people protesting 24/7. But peaceful protesters do not make for good news. Peaceful protesters do not help those who oppose it to build a case against the occupy movement. All that I ask is that when you see such a one sided article or picture that you do a little more research and get all sides of the story before making a judgement on the movement. I find that people are most defensive when they either don't understand something or it makes them question their own beliefs.

The picture above is also misleading. This movement is not about wanting everything. Frankly, you don't have to fight in a war to give up everything. Many protesters and social activists have dedicated part of their lives [and giving up plenty] to fight for justice and improvements to our country. I, like many, am not protesting because I want everything. In fact, that is what I am fighting against - greed. What I want is to improve this country so that it is a better place for future generations. Sense when is that un-american? I have given up lots to pursue this website, protest and stand for the things that I believe in, but I am willing to make more sacrifices if it means my future children won't have to.

We have been led to believe that we will go far and make this country great if we just work hard at our jobs and follow the rules. But we forget that the modern world is the way it is because people did something different. These people were ambitious enough to do things unconventionally; they questioned the rules and stood up for change. Progression is change. Now what that change is going to be is debatable. But one thing is for sure continuing as normal is no longer an option. Hard work is at the root of this movement regardless of what people think. It takes more energy to create change than it does to keep going in the same direction. So don't tell us - protesters - about hard work, sacrifices and what it means to be an American. We believe in this country so much that we are willing to fight for it with protests, boycotts, petitions, blogs and marches. We communicate with government officials, create open discussions and practice our 1st Amendement rights. We believe in this country so much that we are willing to continue our fight day in, day out, and through the dead of winter. Anyone not actively involved in this movement should not be condemning it, but be rejoicing in the fact that they are in a country where they have the freedoms to do such things; and proud that fellow citizens are willing to stand up for what they believe in.

I know that more articles, videos and pictures will sprout up, portraying the occupy movement in a purely negative fashion. This is of course the authors and creators exercising their own freedoms. What disturbs me is, that many articles seem to lack depth, quality and a true critique of the facts. I only hope the readers and viewers are more thorough and critical of not only the media's portrayal of the movement, but of the occupy movement itself. Ignoring this movement is not an option, and condemning it by using a misrepresentation of the facts is absurd.


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