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The Meaning of Christmas

22 Dec. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich
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For those that celebrate Christmas, I think some things have been lost in regards to the meaning of Christmas. All I hear about is "stuff" - toys, gadgets, gift cards, etc. It is a time for shopping, a time of excess, a time for greed, and a time of wants and not needs. I recently heard on the news that the average American will spend over $700 this holiday year. This seems outrages to me. In hearing all of this, I start to think back on my childhood memories and what was the most special part of the holidays for me and my family.

"Christmas was about spending time with family."
Frankly, it was not the gifts.

What I remember and think about most fondly is the activities I did with my family during the holidays. We always cut down our own Christmas tree. We made popcorn balls and sugar cookies. We stayed up late and watched christmas movies. We drank hot cocoa and ate candy canes. If it was a white Christmas, we went sledding for hours. The house was always filled with Christmas music, laughter and the occasional argument between siblings. Christmas was about spending time with family. It was about relationships.

I think we need to remind ourselves that Christmas is more than giving a toy, gadget or gift card. It is about giving the gift of friendship as corny as that sounds. Today more than ever people feel lonely and this loneliness is increasing among Americans. We are losing close relationships with people. As we lose those relationship, we lose out on developing more memories like the ones we look back on so fondly. Unlike the toys, gadgets and gift cards, spending quality time with someone is priceless.

So as you spend the last few days preparing for Christmas day, think of how you can spend quality time with your friends and loved ones. Think of ways you can tell someone how special and important they are in your life. There is no better gift than making someone feel loved and wanted this Christmas season.

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