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How Far Does Your Food Travel?

22 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
food, produce, Evanston, farmer's market, Whole Foods

In these cold and bare months of winter, I often wonder where all my food comes from. It is so easy to forget about where all that colorful produce originates when it is just sitting in my grocery store ready to buy, prepare and cook. It is like some type of magic trick: I walk through the squeaky clean sliding glass doors and "bibbidi bobbidi boo" I am met with bins, shelves and crates piled high with wonderfully clean, ripe and aromatic produce.

Fortunately, I shop at Whole Foods and they provide the state or country in which the produce originates. I find this extremely helpful, especially if I am looking for specific products grown in specific regions. There is also an indoor farmer's market in Evanston where you can buy local produce and other local products. Check out the times and dates for the Evanston Farmer's Market here .

I am amazed at the ability for grocers to provide such an array of produce year round, and feel that we are so lucky to have such wonderful access to a variety of food. However, I am especially appreciative when the food on my kitchen table was grown on my home land. I guess a sense of pride is felt when I am eating the food from the fertile lands around me.


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