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Catch Snowflakes on Your Tongue

23 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
snowman, snowflake, snow activities, skiing, snow angel, snowball fight

In light of all the recent snow fall here in the mid-west, I thought it would be wonderful to make a list of all the wonderful snow activities. Winter can often seem like an endless season that can trap people indoors away from all the glories of mother nature. But when snow is in town it only enhances mother nature's features from the crisp clean air to the blue skies overhead. So bundle up and gett ready for some play-time out in that white fluffy snow. Here is my list of fun snow filled activities!

1. Snow ball fight with the neighborhood kids.

2. Build a snow fort furnished with a snow television, snow chair and freezer.

3. Go sledding and don't forget to yell "weeee" all the way down.

4. Cross-country skiing, down-hill skilling, snow-boarding....

5. Make snow angels.

6. Munch on some snow...beware of yellow snow though.

7. Shovel snow...the fun is the workout and the calories you burn so you can justify eating a few cookies and drinking hot cocoa afterwards.

8. Roll, sculpt and dress a snowman or snow-woman.

9. Have a snow treasure hunt using colorful toys and ornaments.

10. Catch snowflakes on your tongue as they float down from the sky.

Mother nature brings us such joys and snow is just one of them. Go out and play!


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