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Frugal You, Minimalist Me, Eco-Friendly Together

3 Mar. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
frugal living, minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle, lifestyle ideology

As I was browsing a variety of websites, I realized that frugality and minimalism play an important role in the eco-friendly lifestyle. I thought frugality and minimalism were similar, but once I did a little research I quickly recognized they are quit different. Interestingly enough eco-friendly, frugalness and minimalism can all work together in harmony. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. So I wondered how these lifestyle ideologies might come together, providing us with a healthier, happier life. Before I explore these terms in relation to each other, let us first define each one.

*Eco-Friendly lifestyle: A lifestyle that is beneficial to the environment, or does not harm the environment.

*Frugal lifestyle: A lifestyle that is about living a better life on less money. [Note: there seems to be less of a consensus on defining a frugal lifestyle. Therefore I choose the one that appeared to be used most frequently.]

*Minimalist lifestyle: A lifestyle where you live with less “stuff.” You get rid of excess.

An eco-friendly lifestyle can easily take on frugal and minimalist characteristics. If you are purchasing second-hand items, you are therefore being frugal and eco-friendly by spending less and re-using previously owned items. If you are eliminating clutter, you are embarking on a minimalist’s ideology while at the same time avoiding the harmful effects of over-consumption. Unfortunately, an eco-friendly lifestyle is not often frugal or minimalist in nature. If you buy all the latest new “green” gadgets in hopes of being more eco-friendly, that is not a minimalist or a frugal move. Furthermore, many green and organic products are much pricier than conventional products. This can especially make an eco-friendly lifestyle at odds with a frugal one.

Exploring frugal and minimalist lifestyle ideologies might help improve your current eco-friendly lifestyle. I plan on avoiding new green gadgets when possible and will opt for second-hand products instead; and I will keep going through my cupboards, drawers and closets getting rid of excess. As we all move forward with our lifestyle ideologies, let us remember that re-evaluating our current lifestyle choices and exploring other lifestyle ideologies can be useful in improving one’s over-all wellbeing.


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