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Greening Up: My progress

23 Mar. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
recycle, reuse, green lifestyle, green ideas, green products, greening up

In an effort to be transparent with my "green" progress, I am going to give updates every so often on what I have changed to become more green. I truly believe that you should practice what you preach. So here goes...

Last year, I was pregnant and had my first child. So naturally most of the green progress I made was related to baby "stuff." Although I made a lot of green decisions, I feel like my life was a bit on hold last year. And no matter how hard you try to control spending and consumption, when you have a child you naturally spend and consume a little more.

In 2012 I made the following green updates to my life:

1. Chose cloth diapers instead of disposable.
2. Switched to 7th Generation free and clear detergent and soaps.
3. Bought used baby clothes and toys.
4. Avoided any baby item/gadget we did not need: no baby monitor, no bassinet, no pack n' play, and no swing.
5. Bought an organic mattress. Check it out here.
6. Breastfeeding and not using formula.
7. Coconut Oil for diaper rash.
8. Using Dr. Bronner's mild baby soap.
9. Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar instead of harsh chemicals.
10. Bought carpeting from FLOR that is made from recycled nylon. [Note: most of our house is wood floor.]

2013 green plans:

1. Purchase and use soap nuts for some or all laundry.
2. Switch all make-up to safe and eco-friendly. [Note: I started doing this last year, but did not wear much make-up until the last few months.]
3. Switching to re-useable baby wipes. We currently use hypoallergenic (no chlorine, etc.).
4. Checking out books from the library versus buying lots of books. This saves trees and stays with a "minimalist" lifestyle approach.
5. Canning own food. We did not get a community garden plot this year, but will be going to the farmer's market for our produce.
6. Making homemade gifts by recycling existing items. I started this at Christmas time with some sugar body scrub I made and put into re-purposed jars. It went over great! And is frugal!

Well, this is it so far. If you are currently looking for more ideas on how to "green up" then I hope some of these may work for you. If you have some great ideas for me or just want to share your "greening up" story, please feel free to post a comment below.


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