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In Sync With Mother Nature

27 Mar. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
winter weather persists, spring around the corner, mother nature, seasons, spring, observe nature, rhythm of nature, Lake Michigan, Midwest seasons

It is technically Spring already, but the warmth of spring is lagging behind. This makes it seem like Winter will never leave. Fortunately, the weather forecast is showing warmer days here in the Chicagoland area, giving us some relieve from the cold days of Winter. I am definitely ready for the warmer and sunnier days of Spring. I am also ready for bright green leaves and colorful flower blossoms, which are a sure sign that - YES - Spring is here!

When the obvious signs are not revealing themselves yet, such as the blooming flowers, we can often throw up our hands and feel frustrated with the persistence of winter's cold and dreary days. Unfortunately, we frequently miss the subtle signs of the changing seasons and the rhythm of nature because of our busy lives. Stopping to pay attention to the world around has its advantages though. You See more. You learn more. You relax more. Furthermore, I have the privilege of witnessing and teaching my daughter about the world around her. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your child's eyes light up when seeing the details of the world around her unfold for the first time.

Lately, I have been getting the itch to do my "spring cleaning." I have been opening the windows briefly to get rid of the old, stale air of winter, cleaning and arranging canning jars, and sorting through the closets. I feel like, if I am having this sense of, "spring is just around the corner", then it must be. Right?

Well, during a walk the other day, I saw a squirrel running around with twigs and other various materials in its mouth. I assumed it was for making a nest. And the birds were chirping a merrily tune. I thought, "it is spring!" Am I, or we, really in sync with nature? Or can we be in sync with nature?

I have lived in the midwest my whole life. It is my home. I enjoy all four seasons and all the extremes - from a foot of snow in November to 110 degree temperatures in July. I would like to think after years of living here, and walking outside observing my surroundings that I would have a sense of its rhythm. If I just breathe in the air, feel the breeze off of Lake Michigan, and patiently observe the plants and animals, I might just be able to imagine what they are telling me. A thunderstorm rolling in from the southwest? A sunny day with a light cool breeze blowing from the northeast off the lake? An afternoon shower followed by clearing skies and a beautiful sunset?

I urge you this Spring to stop. Look around you. Take in a deep breath of air. Feel the breeze on your face and blowing your hair. How does it make you feel? What is Mother Nature telling you? As I type these sentences about observing and experiencing nature, I feel calmer. Nature has a way of altering our go, go, go mentality to a healthier pace. Well, that is if we take the time and allow ourselves to be drawn into the rhythm of Mother Nature.


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