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A Picnic on Earth on Earth Day

22 Apr. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
earth day, earth day celebrations, earth day activities

If my daughter above could talk, I know she would eagerly say "Happy Earth Day!" Okay, those may not be the first words that would come to her mind and out of her mouth. In any case we have had a wonderful Earth Day. We did some spring cleaning and we went out and treated ourselves with the first picnic of the year by beautiful Lake Michigan. It was sunny with a crisp breeze blowing gently off the lake.

Although this Earth Day has been relaxing thus far, I realize that I have much writing to do. I am in the midst of finishing an article on the carbon footprint of our health care system; and I just started my article on breast milk and formula, which is the second article in a series about infants and their health. Check out the first article here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day
A day like any other
Unless you choose
To celebrate Nature's Mother

- Hannah Mich


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