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The Battle: Green versus Healthy

2 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
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Just this past week I had a conversation with one of my speakers presenting at our fall workshop. Our conversation started out normal enough, but it meandered onto the topic of "green versus healthy." Green and healthy are words that started off very meaningful and probably interchangeable at one point. Now they are used to sell "stuff" - they mean money in the marketing world now.

What is healthy is not always green, and what is green is not always healthy. Healthy products may be packaged in plastics or use manufacturing processes that are harmful to the environment. Green products may still leach chemicals, which can pose health risks. For example, recycled paper products are high in BPA, BPS or both. Furthermore, the healthiness and greenness of services and products tend to be on these sliding scales of healthy, healthier, healthiest; and green, greener, greenest.

We have managed to gunk up something that started out relatively simplistic in nature. Now you have to a doctorate just to know what products are healthy, green and safe for your family. The chemicals, synthetic materials and manufacturing processes are beyond overwhelming.

So how do we stay healthy and green at the same time? Well, that is part of the mission with Akin to Green. It starts with a desire to want to be healthy and green. Then comes research, research and more research, which is followed with making the best decision you can make. The best advice I can give is stay with reusable products and ditch the disposable items, and go with what is minimally processed. Use cloth rags instead of paper towels. Use handkerchief instead of kleenex. Buy whole fruits instead of jarred or canned fruit. Make your own guacamole or hummus instead of buying the ones pre-packaged. There are healthy and green options available. Just do not assume a green item is healthy, or a healthy item is green.

Here are some additional resources that I have found helpful along the way, as well.

Healthy Child

Good Guide

Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep

You can also visit our resource page for more.


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