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Thoughtful and Hand-Crafted Mother's Day Gifts

9 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
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Mother's Day is another holiday with the intentions of getting consumers to buy, buy and buy some more. These types of holidays have the potential to be so much more than about money and consumption. Mother's Day should be about spending quality time with your mother, and presenting her with a a gift or experience that expresses your appreciate for all that she is and all that she has done for you. It is easy now days to lose touch with even our own mothers. You live in a different state, have a busy job, started your own family and, well, you simply have a crazy busy life. It is days like Mother's Day when we have an opportunity to get closer to your mother. One day of closeness may lead to another and another.

Although I cannot directly affect the relationship you have with your mother and what you choose to say, do or purchase for her on Mother's Day. I am going to provide a list of wonderful Mother's Day ideas for you to get the creative juices flowing.

1. A home cooked meal. How many meals did your mom make for you growing up? Hundreds? It is a thoughtful and simple way of expressing your appreciation. Serve her a glass of wine or mimosa and chat as you cook a yummy meal.

2. A homemade card or note. You can include an original poem in this card. If you are not that savvy with your words, just open up and you may surprise yourself. At minimum write the words, "I love you mom." They go a long way.

3. Take her somewhere special: her favorite restaurant, to the park for a picnic, the theater, a concert, a weekend trip to her favorite destination. The main thing is to enjoy the experience with her wherever you decide to spend the day together. When you are in a fun and relaxing environment, it is amazing how conversations meander and flow.

4. Make her something. Do not just go over to the corner store and buy her some Mother's Day gift that every other mother may get this year. For example, mason jar gifts are creative and easy. You can make her a sugar body scrub , recipe in the jar , or fill it with your special salsa, jam or pasta sauce that she loves so much.

5. Put together a scrape book or photo album displaying pictures of you and your mom through the years. This takes a little bit of time, collecting all the pictures. But it would be a gift she would cherish forever. And imagine all the stories to share and tell as you reminisce about family vacations, holidays and past birthday parties.

Remember, be creative and be sincere. I believe that is all most mother's really want.


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