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Live to Discover: Easy summer excursions you'll love

28 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
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Life is about discovering new places, people and ideas. It is these discoveries and experiences that make life worth living and molds us into who we are. Although there is no doubt you will discover a great many new things when you travel to a new country, but what about those excursions that are just waiting to happen right around the corner? Do we really need to travel half way around the world to discover and live a full life? Well, I say no. And here are six "just-around-the-corner" excursions you do not want to miss out on.

1) Locate and hike a state park you have never visited. Before you go make a little list of what you want to see and snap a shot of it while your out exploring. Find a park here.

2) Involve your neighbors and local businesses in a good old scavenger hunt. This is fun for kids of all ages and adults. It involves problem solving and working as a team. And let's not forget the friendly competition.

3) Backyard camping. Share some untold ghost stories, learn a new survival skill and find the Big Dipper amongst all the stars in the sky.

4) Visit the historic society, or museum, in your area. You would be surprised what you do not know about your hometown. For the kids, make a fun check-off list for them to go through as they explore history.

5) A picnic with a twist. Instead of bringing your traditional food to your picnic at the park, or beach, try a more exotic cuisine: Ethiopian, Indian, Greek, Spanish and the list can go on. There is no easier and frugal way to enjoy nature while exploring another culture's flavorful food. And all without leaving the country!

6) Head out to a local orchard for a great half day trip. Pick berries, apples, cherries or peaches. You can pack a lunch or enjoy the food the orchard store provides. Hayride? Why, yes please! There are lots of fun activities just waiting to be discovered at your local orchard.

This list is just the jumping off point. Do a little research and find out what else your area offers for easy, frugal and fun-filled excursions. With a little creativity the possibilities are endless. Sure lounging in your lawn chair in the backyard can be relaxing, but exploring is just so much more fun!


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