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Imagination: Seeing beyond knowledge & experience

7 Jun. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
imagination, creativity, eccentric, innovation, unique ideas, pushing the boundaries, breaking traditions

Imagination is under-valued. We are in this race to acquire knowledge, learn skills and gain experience. Yet, we forget to include the very thing that brings value to knowledge, skills and experience – imagination. What makes anyone great at what they do is when they take general knowledge or skills and approach them in a new way. They apply it differently like rearranging elements in an equation or painting with a new brush stroke technique.

Imagination is what creates new opportunities and pushes the boundaries. Knowledge, skills and experience alone do not accomplish new ideas, new applications and improvements to traditions. It is imagination.

If we want to improve our way of life, we must facilitate imagination and think highly of the imaginative. This means raising the bar on our expectations of youth and adults alike in school and in the workforce. Painting within the lines is not what we are looking for anymore. If we want to find out all that we are capable of, we must erase the lines.

We are facing many challenges with climate change, the obesity epidemic and a poor economic climate. I am seeing glimpses of our society embracing the imaginative, but we still seem determined to stifle anything that goes too far outside the lines of conformity.

The weird, odd and eccentric are often the first to be casted out of society, and yet it is society as we know it that will likely need those eccentric people and ideas the most in the long run. We are slow to change, but it is possible.

Did we not once believe the supernatural caused all illnesses when it was actually the doing of microscopic germs. Did we not once believe the world was flat when it was in fact round. We are capable of making changes in societal norms and beliefs, but not without the imaginations of the eccentric.

I know we can feel torn at times. We may want to fit in and feel part of the community around us. And yet we can feel that pull of our imagination, thinking up crazy and wonderful ideas that do not yet exist. Remember in those times of inner conflict that your imagination holds endless possibilities for the future, while conformity merely provides you temporary acceptance in present day society.

Albert Einstein once said, “logic will get you from A to Z, but your imagination will get you everywhere.” Imagination has no boundaries. This is the kind of thinking we need. Set yourself free and remove the limitations of knowledge alone. Feed your imagination, explore it and change the world around you.


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