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Peace of Mind Pulling Weeds

15 Jul. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
community garden, garden, gardening, garden plot, vegetable garden, weeding

Like many "condo dwellers" we do not have a patio, deck or yard. So, when it came time for summer and gardening season, we decided to sign-up for the local community garden program. Unfortunately, we had little luck with the drawing of the garden plots in May, we did not get a plot; there were not enough to go around. We walked away disappointed. Although we were on the waiting list, we thought it was unlikely we would receive a garden plot for this year.

Fast forward two months later and I receive this surprising email. Four plots are available and we are next on the waiting list! I along with my husband are over joyed. We have not had a little piece of land to call our own (in a sense) for four long years. As quickly as possible we figured out what plot was ours, I rushed over to the ecological center to sign papers, paid the annual fee and decided to take a first glance at our community garden plot.

With daughter in tow, I walked across the bridge and through a small patch of grass. First we meander through the raised garden beds overflowing with collard greens, garlic, lettuce and tomatoes. I could smell freshly worked dirt, mint and the sweetness of wild flowers. We continued on our way through a path that cuts through two rows of garden plots, taking note of all the different plants, garden designs and the variety of fences surrounding each individual plot. I paused briefly, thinking our plot must be right "here." And sure enough I picked up a fallen down little home-made sign that read "Twiggs 12." This is our garden!!

Hardly able to contain my excitement, I soon realized we had a lot of work to do. The garden looked like a mini jungle filled with more weeds than vegetable plants. the fence was falling apart and a hazard to our 1-year-old daughter. was our very own garden and I knew with a little hard work it would be beautiful and productive.

I left with a picture of the garden on my phone and thoughts of what to do swirling around in my head. We (me, my husband and daughter) returned that very weekend to do some major renovations. Saturday we weeded. Yup, that is all we did. I have never weeded so much in my life and yet we only weeded about half the plot! But I had not felt more relaxed (and exhausted) in in quite some time. It is amazing how doing such a simple task as weeding can be so peaceful to the mind, especially in a day and age when we are constantly multitasking and stressed about this or that. On Sunday I peacefully continued the tedious chore of weeding. My husband and I also tore down the front part of the fence and erected a new one! Our daughter joyfully played in the dirt with only two incidents of her promptly putting some in her mouth.

Yes, we had a fun filled weekend, nothing like a little gardening under the blue sky of a summer day. I am a bit sore, but I am relaxed and proud of what we have accomplished with our new community garden plot. [I will continue to post pictures and updates.]


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