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Rooted In Nature

18 Jul. 2013 Posted by Samana Jasper
Nature and Self, Relaxing in Nature, Being in Nature, Explore Nature, Learn from Nature

Guest Blogger, Samana Jasper, PT, CYT, CBP, and Founder of Kidz N' Moms

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

Nature teaches us so many lessons. Have you ever looked at a tree or hugged one and felt a connection? Trees breathe out as we breathe in. We breathe the oxygen they emit and they breathe in the carbon dioxide we breathe out. We are truly interconnected. Trees are rooted, stable and strong. We can feel a sense of stability and peace in connecting with a tree.

Nature moves slowly teaching us patience and trust. You can’t force a seed to sprout or a flower to open. Life flows at its own pace. Nature teaches us to slow down, vibrating with life rather than hurrying it along.

Worry is a human emotion. The flowers don’t worry about where they will get water to grow. A mama bird does not worry about how she will feed her babies. And yet our human minds are filled with worry. Being in the presence of nature reminds us to not only slow down but to trust and be present. Nature gives us the feeling that everything is working out perfectly.

Silence creates a beautiful space. It allows us to quiet our minds and calm our bodies. In the silence and beauty of nature, we can feel deep peace.

Look up in the sky. Whether it’s a blue sky filled with fluffy clouds or a starlit night, you’ll sense a higher power. In our wonder, we sense something greater than ourselves. In feeling this, we can lose our sense of aloneness and feel the greater connectedness of life.

You can also share your nature “experiences” with close friends or family. Teaching children how to play outside will only help them to love and respect nature’s power and beauty. It is a great way to help them feel grounded and supported, too. Our fast-paced and high-tech living can make us feel stressed and disconnected. Nature brings us home.

Remember, you don’t have to travel far. Just take a walk by the lake, hug a tree, or gaze at a flower and you will be home.

Post by Samana Jasper, founder of Kidz N Moms, a natural health care company, dedicated to empowering healthy families through family coaching, energy work and yoga. Learn more about her at or explore her weekly blog. You also have a chance to hear Samana speak at our Healthy, Fit and Green Workshop this October.


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