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Wind of Change: Exercising in autumn

10 Oct. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
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The sunny, brisk weather of autumn beckons you to pursue those walks, bike-rides and trail runs. You enjoy the rhythmic sound of your breathing – Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale . As you find your pace, you begin to enjoy the radiant reds, oranges and yellows of the changing leaves. The wind gently blows, plucking leaves from their respective branches and tossing them up and around. As the wind settles so do the leaves, drifting to the ground. There they rest until the next wind blows. In the meantime, you enjoy the pleasant, crisp scent of autumn while the newly settled leaves crunch under your feet or bike wheels. This is what the love of nature and exercise is all about!

Although autumn has much to offer the outdoorsman and exercise enthusiast, this season has a “dark side.” We can expect the gradual decline of daylight and much cooler temperatures. For some, cold, dark mornings are a bit of a challenging to overcome when it is a choice between a cozy warm bed and a brisk wind that not even your wind-breaker cannot “break.”

So, I leave you with this tip. Variety! Have plenty of indoor and outdoor options for your exercise routine. For example, one week you may have an outdoor bike-ride, spin class and a few weightlifting sessions planned. If mornings are a bit challenging now that the sun is not greeting you in the morning, add an evening and/or weekend workout in your routine. The great thing about variety is flexibility, which is what you need when “Old Man Winter” on its way. To remain consistent with our exercise routines, we must change or transition with the seasons.


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