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In the Moment: Autumn is the time of year....

5 Nov. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich
autumn activities, fall exercise, meditation, mindfulness, body and mind

Stop! Take a deep breathe. Do you smell autumn? The earthy smell of decaying leaves is such an amazing scent. Do you hear autumn? Geese overhead flying south, the crunch of leaves under your feet, and the wind rustling the leaves that still cling to the almost bare branches.

We are often told to stop and smell the roses, but each season has a unique way of awakening our senses. We need to appreciate how our neighborhoods transform around us. All too often I am out walking with my daughter, or playing with her at the playground and yet my mind can be elsewhere - "what do I need at the grocery store?" "Dinner for tonight is..." "This weekend we are..." "I need to call and email...."

As many of you know, we get caught up in the "future" and forget about those precious moments. It can be those moments of pushing your child in the swing at the park, your morning walk to the train station, or Saturday morning run. It is okay to think about other things while going about daily tasks, but just make sure you at least take a moment to be in the moment. It is good for you health and well-being. It is a way to give your brain a break from the non-stop planning, solving and organizing we demand of it every second of every wakeful moment.

Autumn is my favorite season if you have not noticed from the way I talk about it. It somehow has a way of pulling me out of my constant thinking and makes me take in all that is around me. I love that feeling of being immersed in your surroundings. I encourage you to experience autumn to the fullest with lots of walks, runs, bike-rides and leisure time spent at your local park(s). And share these moments with us at Akin to Green.

Send us your stories and pictures. You can share by emailing me at or share with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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