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Scott Selliers's blog

25 Sep. 2013 Posted by Scott Selliers

Eudaimonia: My own private Syria

Round-up, environmentalist idealism, living green, natural weed killers

“The function of the well-intentioned individual, acting in isolation, is to formulate or disseminate theoretical truths. The function of the well-intentioned individuals in association is to live in accordance with those truths, to demonstrate what happens when theory is translated into practice, to create small-scale working models of the better form of society to which the speculative idealist looks forward.” Aldous Huxley

23 Aug. 2013 Posted by Scott Selliers

Eudaimonia: Us against them

Eustace Conway, Elizabeth Gilbert, Turtle Island, The Last American Man, Mountain Man

When looking at the world through Green eyes, our local and federal governments can appear ghoulish. On any given day, the media seems chock full of N.I.M.B.Y. warriors rallying the eco-troops against one corporate villain or another, seemingly always with a shoulder-shrugging Government complaisant in the periphery. Through our screens an epic Us Against Them plays out, the eco-friendlies squaring off against greedy politicians Hell-bent on writing laws that favor the spoiling of the Earth.

22 Jul. 2013 Posted by Scott Selliers

Eudaimonia Offerings

green living, rural living, first time farmers, eco-dad, sustainable living,

The hardest part of making big changes in my life has come in being able to recognize the difference between my dreams and my practical day-to-day actions. As I try to make real the transition from a life of suburban consumerism over to a largely forgotten form of agrarian life, a life aimed at personal self-reliance, I am finding that to keep this difference between what I think it should be like and what it is really going to be like takes more than greenwash sloganeering and armchair slactivism; it seems to take an uncompromising dedication to compromise itself.

15 Jun. 2013 Posted by Scott Selliers

Eudaimonia: Egg sandwich

Living in the suburbs can do strange things to a person. But stranger still, are the things a person will do to escape living in the suburbs. But first, let’s consider the following John Muir pondering:

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."