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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between personal training and rehabilitation?

Personal training is for individuals seeking to begin or change an exercise program. If you are training to run a 5k race, regain strength after an injury, or suffer from a chronic condition (i.e. arthritis), an exercise program would be tailored to your needs.

Rehabilitation is for individuals suffering from chronic conditions, acute injuries and pain management who need specific one-on-one attention to overcome physical obstacles. Rehabilitation offers the same services as personal training and additional hands-on work and modalities (i.e. ice and heat).

Do you accept health insurance?

We do not bill directly to your insurance company. We will provide an invoice upon request. At this time, we are no longer offering "superbills" with codes for insurance companies.

Are you like a physical therapist?

The rehabilitation services provided are very similar to physical therapy. However, the focus is on working hands on with clients, such as functional manual therapy, posture re-education, gait training and addressing the specific movements of daily activities. This provides clients with a very effective and supportive rehabilitative program.

How do you utilize energy medicine into your practice?

A lot of my energy medicine comes from independent studying and utilizing my intuition. Many of the techniques I utilized are in some way derived from Donna Eden's work . Energy medicine techniques may include tapping, "shaking", circular motions and holding specific points along chakras or meridian lines to aid in getting you to your goal(s). For some clients, I may utilize a lot of energy medicine if they are open and receptive; while other clients I may use no energy medicine. The use of any technique is always discussed prior to utilizing it. As I always point out to my clients these are only tools that I use to help you and guide you.

What other techniques do you offer that makes your practice holistic?

Other techniques I utilize to assist you in achieving your goals and addressing you as a whole person include, visualization, imagery, meditation, journal writing and overall lifestyle adjustments. Adding these techniques to an exercise or rehabilitative program helps improve the effectiveness and efficient of that program. You will also be more likely to comply with the program long-term.