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12 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Autumn Cooking: Amazing Pumpkin Muffins

pumpkin, muffins, healthy treats, breakfast

So I used this pumpkin bread recipe [] as the template for my homemade pumpkin muffins. The modifications I made are below. These muffins were moist, tasty and healthy! I hope you enjoy! And if you make any other changes let me know.

11 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Join the Protests!

My husband and I were fortunate enough to participate in the Midwest Regional March on October 8th in Chicago with the Occupy Chicago group along with many other people to demand the return of the troops in Afghanistan. After weeks of watching so many people chanting at these types of protests, it was an amazing feeling to actually be a part of it. It was also enlightening to hear people talk of their experiences prior to the march, and it was invigorating to be around so many people who believed in what we were doing -- standing up for ourselves and our rights.

7 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

At What Expense?

economics, recession, president Obama, protesters, citizens

I just read a CNN article where president Obama was quoted as saying, "We have to have a strong, effective financial sector in order for us to grow." This statement makes little sense to me.

7 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Simplistic Solutions Will Not Solve Complex Problems

oil, deception, pollution, plastic, made from oil, oil dependency

I have noticed a re-occuring theme for many of our national problems and that is creating these simplistic solutions to fix complex problems. Then I realized. These simple solutions are not meant to fix any problem, but they are designed to mask the problem by alleviating some of the more noticeable symptoms. To really shed light on this concept, lets take a look at oil. Oil is finite; We are running out of it. So what are the primary solutions hailed as our saviors to this problem, electric cars, and solar and wind energy.

6 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Biking on Ridge

So I meant to report on this earlier this week, but like so many people I got caught up with the protests across the nation. But on Sunday Oct. 2nd, my husband and I enjoyed Biking on Ridge Day at Evanston, IL. The local government shut-down Ridge Avenue -- a main road in Evanston -- to allow bikers, skate boarders and rollerbladers to take it over. It was fumes, no noise and no worries about avoiding traffic. This is a great idea for any town. Events like this bring people together and make us realize how wonderful our roadways are without cars!

4 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

The Truth is Hard to Face: The Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Together, Protests on Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge

I have been doing a lot of reading about this Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together movement, which is behind these recent protests. I have read articles, comments to articles, blogs and tweets. I have watched videos of the protests as well. And it seems people are trying to figure out what this is all about and who are the people and leaders of this movement. Also, people want to know what are the protestors demands and whether or not this movement will take off, or fizzle out.