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9 Sep. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Personal Battle

With great consideration I have decided to write a brief blog about a personal battle of mine - infertility. I am 29 years old and my husband and I have been unable to conceive like so many people today. And at this point you may be wondering how this pertains to our environment and health. The answer is, it relates in many ways. As I have searched for answers in our western medicine, I have discovered, surprisingly, many holes or gaps in the understanding and science behind western medicine.

30 Aug. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Our Food Sources are in Danger

GMOs or genetically modified food is food [corn, soy, etc] that has altered DNA. You need to be very aware of the dangers of GMOs and what companies like Monsanto are doing to make record profits and keep us in the dark. The video, "The World According to Monsanto," is enlightening and shows the differences between reality and what companies want you to think. In this case Monsanto wants you to think GM crops are safe and needed for sustainable agriculture, but the reality is a far cry from Monsanto's portrayal.

30 Aug. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

The Stupidity of Single-Use Disposable Plastic Products

plastic, bottles, forks, spoons, plastic bags, waste, disposable

I recently watched the documentary "Bag It" and found out some ridiculous statistics on plastic products, including plastic bags. And it makes no sense that we use plastic products once or twice and then dispose of them even though they are not biodegradable. They also use a large amount of fossil fuels to make, which as we all know are dwindling. America also seems to be slightly behind many other countries in eliminating or drastically reducing plastic bag usage. So we are this powerful rich country that is behind the environmental trends of other countries? Why?

29 Aug. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Flushing Our Trees Down the Toilet

toilet paper, virgin fibers, paper industry, Kimberly-Clark, tissue

The average American uses approximately 50 pounds of toilet paper a year and a tree produces only a 100 pounds of toilet paper [when virgin fibers are used]. With the average American's life span at approximately 78 years of age that means we could destroy 39 trees just for the purpose of wiping our you know what. This makes absolutely no sense! And yet the manufacturing company Kimberly-Clark who makes and sells Kleenex tissue paper, Viva paper towels and Cottonelle toilet paper continues to use no recycled material to make their products. It is 100 percent virgin fibers.

15 Aug. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Home-Grown with Love

home grown, backyard, garden, tomatoes, produce

My husband and I spent this past weekend at his parent's house enjoying the cool sunny weather and their beautiful backyard. They have lived there for approximately 40 years and really have a lot to show for it, including a strawberry patch, pear tree, grape vines, raspberry bushes and a small garden with herbs and tomatoes. Knowing I am eating produce from their yard does give me a sense of pride in knowing it was grown with tender loving care. Earlier this year we enjoyed strawberry daiquiris and strawberry, rhubarb bread we made with strawberries and rhubarb from their yard.