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25 Jun. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

In One Piece: The whole body

healthcare, alternative health care, preventive medicine, prevention

I feel that western medicine has so much to offer us, but I recently have had the misfortune of experiencing its "dark side." Instead of being treated as a whole person, we are shuttled from one specialist to another to address our parts: We have the cardiologist, dermatologist, neurologist, urologist, gynecologist, and so forth. Now having specialists does not seem like a bad idea, especially when we consider the complexities of the human body. On the other hand, these systems are NOT separate from each other, but interact closely with each other.

15 Jun. 2013 Posted by Scott Selliers

Eudaimonia: Egg sandwich

Living in the suburbs can do strange things to a person. But stranger still, are the things a person will do to escape living in the suburbs. But first, let’s consider the following John Muir pondering:

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."

7 Jun. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Imagination: Seeing beyond knowledge & experience

imagination, creativity, eccentric, innovation, unique ideas, pushing the boundaries, breaking traditions

Imagination is under-valued. We are in this race to acquire knowledge, learn skills and gain experience. Yet, we forget to include the very thing that brings value to knowledge, skills and experience – imagination. What makes anyone great at what they do is when they take general knowledge or skills and approach them in a new way. They apply it differently like rearranging elements in an equation or painting with a new brush stroke technique.

30 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Love in The Kitchen: Re-usable, versatile, durable

Green kitchen gadgets, green ktichen tips, durable kitchen gadgets, wooden cooking utensils, stainless steel cookware, glass bakeware, mortar and pestle

In the background is playing Moonlight Serenade by The Glenn Miller Orchestra. The aroma of garlic and onions sautéing fills the kitchen and dining room. Then there are a few delightful squeals from my 10-month-old daughter as she happily watches me crush herbs with my mortar and pestle. I only hope that one day she might be doing the same – enjoying an evening cooking with her daughter.

28 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Live to Discover: Easy summer excursions you'll love

Summer activity ideas, summer excursions, summer fun, weekend vacations, summer day trips, summer activities on a budget, outdoor activities

Life is about discovering new places, people and ideas. It is these discoveries and experiences that make life worth living and molds us into who we are. Although there is no doubt you will discover a great many new things when you travel to a new country, but what about those excursions that are just waiting to happen right around the corner? Do we really need to travel half way around the world to discover and live a full life? Well, I say no. And here are six "just-around-the-corner" excursions you do not want to miss out on.

26 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Dairy After Liposuction: A symptom of a much bigger problem

dairy debate, raw versus pasteurized, health food myths, low-fat foods, packaged food ingredients, unnatural ingredients in health foods, artificial additives, organic whole foods, organic

I had this vision of writing a blog where I weighed in on the dairy debate: raw vs. pasteurized, skim vs. whole, and so forth. But as I reflected on the debate, I realized it was really a symptom of a much bigger problem.

20 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Unplug to Reboot

Meditation, unplug from electronics, mental health, mental well-being, de-compress, de-stress, clear your head, mental fatigue relief

When I talk to people about their health, they usually think of only their physical health. However, our overall health, or well-being, includes our mental and emotional health, too. In fact, our mental and emotional health play a role in our physical health and vice versa. They are tied together like everything else within us and around us. I find, to stay healthy and to avoid common illnesses and injuries, it is necessary to take pro-active steps to de-compress from the go-go-go of today's society. This includes unplugging from all of the electronics, and consequently the Internet.

14 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Camping with Chemicals: Natural alternatives

camping, natural sunscreen, sunscreen recipe, natural bug spray repellent, bug spray repellent recipe, camping tips, natural remedy for bug bites

During our everyday lives we try to make greener and more natural decisions. However, when we get thrown into events, such as birthday parties, camping trips and the summer cookouts, we unintentionally fall back into our old, unhealthy and unnatural habits. Well, my husband and I are planning our first camping trip of the year and I wanted to be certain we made some healthy and natural changes for this camping trip and all the ones to follow.

9 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Thoughtful and Hand-Crafted Mother's Day Gifts

mother's day, mother's day gift ideas, unique mother's day gifts, creative mother's day gifts

Mother's Day is another holiday with the intentions of getting consumers to buy, buy and buy some more. These types of holidays have the potential to be so much more than about money and consumption. Mother's Day should be about spending quality time with your mother, and presenting her with a a gift or experience that expresses your appreciate for all that she is and all that she has done for you. It is easy now days to lose touch with even our own mothers. You live in a different state, have a busy job, started your own family and, well, you simply have a crazy busy life.

2 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

The Battle: Green versus Healthy

Green products, healthy products, green and healthy, healthy green living, healthy living, green living

Just this past week I had a conversation with one of my speakers presenting at our fall workshop. Our conversation started out normal enough, but it meandered onto the topic of "green versus healthy." Green and healthy are words that started off very meaningful and probably interchangeable at one point. Now they are used to sell "stuff" - they mean money in the marketing world now.