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3 Mar. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Frugal You, Minimalist Me, Eco-Friendly Together

frugal living, minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle, lifestyle ideology

As I was browsing a variety of websites, I realized that frugality and minimalism play an important role in the eco-friendly lifestyle. I thought frugality and minimalism were similar, but once I did a little research I quickly recognized they are quit different. Interestingly enough eco-friendly, frugalness and minimalism can all work together in harmony. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. So I wondered how these lifestyle ideologies might come together, providing us with a healthier, happier life.

Kick Crunches to the Curb

core exercises, crunches, crunches on exercise ball, low-back pain, planks, kneeling superman, core exercise routine

Lets face it the traditional abdominal exercise – the crunch – is a staple exercise for many from the weekend warriors to the college athletes. The crunch has been around for decades and when I typed in “crunch exercise” into Google I pulled up almost three million results with the top ones being videos of how to perform a crunch. So, naturally you would think the crunch is an effective way to exercise your abdominals. Wrong!

24 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich in proper posture, postural alignment, poor posture, improve posture

Slouchy No More: Improve your posture

stretches, postural exercises

Sitting at a computer desk eight hours a day. Driving long commutes to and from work. Lounging in your over-stuffed couch watching television. Combine these activities with stressful lifestyles and the obesity epidemic, and it is no wonder we are a society with a generally “slouchy” posture.

23 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Catch Snowflakes on Your Tongue

snowman, snowflake, snow activities, skiing, snow angel, snowball fight

In light of all the recent snow fall here in the mid-west, I thought it would be wonderful to make a list of all the wonderful snow activities. Winter can often seem like an endless season that can trap people indoors away from all the glories of mother nature. But when snow is in town it only enhances mother nature's features from the crisp clean air to the blue skies overhead. So bundle up and gett ready for some play-time out in that white fluffy snow. Here is my list of fun snow filled activities!

1. Snow ball fight with the neighborhood kids.

22 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

How Far Does Your Food Travel?

food, produce, Evanston, farmer's market, Whole Foods

In these cold and bare months of winter, I often wonder where all my food comes from. It is so easy to forget about where all that colorful produce originates when it is just sitting in my grocery store ready to buy, prepare and cook. It is like some type of magic trick: I walk through the squeaky clean sliding glass doors and "bibbidi bobbidi boo" I am met with bins, shelves and crates piled high with wonderfully clean, ripe and aromatic produce.

20 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Just Another Poopie Diaper: Cloth versus Disposable Diapers

cloth diapers, disposable diapers, eco-friendly diapers, life cycle of diaper, cloth versus disposable diaper

There always seems to be such a debate on whether to use cloth or disposable diapers between parents or soon-to-be-parents. I just recently read an article that once again brought up the issue of cloth versus disposable; and the author said he did not know whether he and his wife could brave cloth diapers. I do not understand how cloth diapers got such a terrible reputation for being so difficult. I have been using them for 7 months with my daughter and find them to be very user friendly.

12 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich in new year's resolution, active lifestyle, live green, eco-friendly, recycle, reuse, organic

Ah Ha Moment: Greener you, healthier you

recycle, tennis shoes, sneakers, green living, active lifestyle

You are on the right track. You are eating more vegetables and less saturated fat. You have a gym membership and go three to four times a week. You also climb the stairs religiously instead of being crammed in the elevator with 10 other co-workers trying to make it to the office floor before eight o’clock in the morning. And you are saying “no” more than “yes” when it comes to those yummy doughnuts that seem to always be calling your name in the break room at the office. And yet something feels like it is missing?

1 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Finger Licking Good: Babies and food

baby food, organic, baby led weaning, nitrate poisoning, infant food introduction

I have a six and half month old infant who about a month ago started eating pureed foods. Since then, I have come to realize many important factors about food introduction and infants. Unfortunately, there is a lack of quality research, and lack of consensus between organizations and professionals about when to introduce foods, what foods to introduce first and how to introduce those foods. Furthermore, there are continually "fads" about what to feed your infant and how.

12 Jan. 2012 Posted by Hannah Mich

Occupy Wall Street: Do not try to oversimplify what is complex

occupy wall street, occupy movement, OWS, protestors

[A response to Marybeth Hicks article in the Washington Post “Occupy Wall Street – Who parented these people?”]

I was recently emailed a copy of an article written by Marybeth Hicks in regards to lessons she determined the protestors failed to learn from their parents. Below in the reference section you will find a link to the article, which I recommend reading prior to reading my response below. Although this article was published in October 2011, I still felt compelled to reply and share.

30 Dec. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich

Delicious Homemade Burritos: Enchilada style

Meatless Monday, burrito, enchilada, mexican food, recipe, healthy, cooking

I have made these burritos with an enchilada twist for about a year now and they are a favorite in our house. Although this is the general recipe I follow each time, I tend to try new variations to keep recipes fresh. Creativity in the kitchen is a must if you cook on a regular basis.


Sautee the following in a skillet that is well oiled:

  • 1/2 organic yellow onion diced

  • 1/2 organic green bell pepper diced

  • 1 organic jalapeno pepper diced [without seeds]