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Mission Statement

consumers, fitness, wellness, green market, environmental health, environmentalism

The mission of Akin To Green is to help people learn how to live healthier and more active lifestyles. The goal is to treat and educate people in a holistic manner: mind, body, soul and environment. Everything within and around us is interconnected through the most basic concept of "energy." It is through detailed and individualized exercise programs, hands-on techniques (including energy medicine), and education of lifestyle choices (products, food and sleep patterns) that people can truly live healthier and happier lives. Akin to Green also represents a support system for making positive changes for both the individual and the world we all live in.

In my practice as an Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer, my mission is to create an environment that facilitates the healing process and helps maintain balance within the physical body and energy body.

How Akin to Green is Green :

1. I utilize social media and my website as much as possible to reduce my use of paper and ink.
2. I purchase and use eco-friendly exercise equipment at my office.
3. I take a minimalist approach to exercise, meaning little to no equipment.
4. I print on paper that has recycled content/post-consumer waste. My marketing material is printed with vegetable-based ink.
5. I avoid the use of harmful chemicals when it comes to washing equipment.
6. I do not use any artificial fragrances/perfumes. (I uses "natural" or fragrance free laundry detergent, soaps, shampoos and deodorant)