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About Training with Hannah

Personal training with Hannah is a wonderfully unique experience because her methods are based on a variety of philosophies and techniques. Hannah bridges the gap between physical rehabilitation programs and traditional exercise programs; and she collaborates with health professionals to develop exercise programs that compliment primary treatments (i.e. chiropractic treatments).

Hannah has developed her own techniques and methods over the past 12 years. Although she is continually learning about new concepts and techniques in order to provide the best quality of services.

Lastly, Hannah believes it is important to provide services that are based on science ( evidence-based practice ), but she also believes that it is equally as important to value the art and intuition of an exercise specialist or personal trainer.

What to expect with your initial assessment?
The initial assessment is more than just a physical assessment. Therefore, Hannah does not just assess your weight, blood pressure and posture she is learning about you and what you want to accomplish. You are not a number working with some un-named health professional in a white lab coat. This trainer-client relationship is important to the success of your exercise program.

What to expect with your first training session?
During your first training session, Hannah will provide you with a binder where you will keep all of your educational handouts and exercises. She will also go over the initial assessment summary, which includes your goals, summary of your assessment and a timeline for your corrective exercise program. After you have discussed your assessment, you will begin training. She will work hands-on with you and teach you the first exercises.

What is a corrective exercise program?
Your corrective exercise program is where you create "balance," working on your problematic areas. It precedes your traditional exercise program and is your foundation. Generally the program addresses poor postural alignment, strength and flexibility imbalances, and inefficient movement patterns. Normally the corrective exercise program takes 6 to 24 weeks to complete.

What are hands-on techniques?
Hannah has learned various hands-on techniques through her education and experiences as an athletic trainer and personal trainer. Her current hands-on techniques include guidance and at times varying degrees of resistance as the client moves within a specified movement pattern. These techniques help relieve muscle tension, improve joint alignment and improve inefficient movement patterns. Pain associated with these problems is often reduced, as well, over time.

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*Note: Hannah has learned the above principles and methods through formal education and independent studies and does not claim to be certified in all the above areas.