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Clothing and Body Products

Manufacturing processes affect the local environment and the health of the workers. These processes need to be closely analyzed in order to make changes that will improve our health and environment in the long-run. The chemicals being used in particular need to be studied due to their possible negative impact on human health, and animal and plant health.

29 Aug. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in Bt cotton, GM cotton, pesticides, insecticides, cotton products

Cotton: Soft, absorbent and toxic

Bt cotton, cotton, organic cotton, pesticides, toxins

When you hear the word “cotton,” what do you think? Do you think white, fluffy, soft and absorbent? Do you think about t-shirts, socks and summer dresses? What many people do not think about is the process and chemicals used to get those cotton products we know and love. Now when I think about cotton, I cannot help but think about chemicals, toxins and health risk factors.

Here are some numbers to consider. 

15 Jun. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in parabens, phthlates, dyes, fragrance-free

In Contact With Chemicals: Our skin is a gate not a wall

body products, shampoo, lotions, cosmetics, perfumes

While researching for this topic, I came across some interesting online articles and blog posts that made me decide to give a small human biology lesson first. I found that many people were unsure whether the human skin is permeable or not, and therefore questioned whether we could in fact absorb chemicals used in our clothes, cosmetics and other beauty supplies through our skin.