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21 Sep. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in GMOs, genetically modified, GM-food

Uncontrolled Experiment: Genetically Modified Food

Bt corn, GM-food, GM-maize, GMOs, genetically modified organisms

Our natural environmental was not created in a lab, but now with biotechnology our natural environment is being tampered with in a way unimaginable. It is called genetically modified foods or organisms, also called GMOs. Mind you that this is not a ploy to help create a better environment and healthier food, but to gain control over food sources and create large financial gains.

13 Jun. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in single-crop fields, monoculture, agriculture, shade-grown coffee

Single-Crop Fields: Mass-production gone wrong

single-crop fields, monoculture, agriculture

Have you ever known of a forest that had only one type of tree? Taking it a step further, have you ever seen any natural landscape made of just one type of plant? The answer is no because the natural landscape is made-up of hundreds of thousands of plants that developed and evolved based on survival and efficiency. Every plant has a specific and important role in the grand scheme of the natural landscape. And yet we continue to try and defy these natural ways with our single-crop fields. Why?

27 May. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in manufacturing, food, products, transportation, pollution, life cycle assessment

Oranges Year Round

manufacturing, food, products, transportation, pollution, life cycle assessment

It is a wonderful feeling to walk into a grocery store and see all the different fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. The options can be overwhelming, but exciting at the same time because I can eat oranges year-round or eat cheese made in France. But the reality of having oranges year-round is not all good. Transportation of products, for example, is a huge factor in pollution. Plus determining the quality of the food, tracing all of its origins and regulating the industry are concerns we must consider with the year-round access to products all over the world.